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Fullmetal Alchemist Collectors

Buy, sell, trade FMA

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A place where you can buy/sell/trade your fullmetal merch!
shindkrow, who also is a mod and original creator for digimoncollect.

We also reccomend these communities: garagesalejapan, videogames4sale, fm_alchemist, otaku_wishlist

1) This community is only for the sale, trading, and buying of Fullmetal Alchemist merchandise. It is not a place for discussion unless you want to discuss the merchandise (IE: Where to get this item? When does this come out?)
2) Be mindful of SPOILERS! for any of the storylines, including the games. Make sure your warn people in your post and put spoilers behind a cut.
3)Please use proper grammar and spelling. No l33t or hey how r u speak. You will be banned. Having said that please have respect for fellow members. If you don't like yaoi, for example, don't view it. On the other hand, don't force your yaoi on other people. This goes for character shipping, FMA-1 VS Brotherhood, ect. Please don't argue. That's what discussion forums are for and this isn't one!
4) Put explicit material (aka hentai doujinshi) behind a cut! Please post warnings (ka yaoi, smut, pairings, ect.)
5) Sales permission must be obtained here: Go here for permission and to view approved sellers
Having feedback on Livejournal would be the best help, but feedback anywhere is also good. No feedback users may have some problems, but if you can earn buying/trading feedback here, it's likely you will get approved.
6) Some important links include: Banned Users List, Positive Feedback Registration and Viewing post, Negative Feedback post, Community Tags, Group Auction Post Approval, and the Master FMA Collector's Members' Wish List
7) No double posting. You can only repost once every 3 days and ONLY if your post is not on the front page.
8) Do not send your items until you recieve your end of the trade (whoever agreed to send first) OR you recieved your CLEARED payment. I highly reccomend DC #s on everything you send so you have proof in case of a fallout.
9) You may post images from bandwidth that isn't your own, but put lots of images or large images (over 400x400) behind an LJ-Cut.
10) Cosplay sales are okay, but only post your personal sales. Don't link to Ebay. That's what Google is for. YOU CAN link off site if someone is looking for someone else selling an item, IE a wig. Just don't post Ebay/Commercial sales.
11) For 3rd party services like Celga we reccomend viewing other communties' FAQs. Please find links to them at the top of this post. You are allowed to share links to auctions on these kinds of sites, but PLEASE, remember you are posting to a public forum. Don't forget that is more competition for you!
12) Group Auctions - You must have sales permission to start a group auction and you must also have GA approval. (Link above) For those that don't know what GAs are, it's where there is a lot (let's say a keychain set) and the community bids on each keychain or splits the cost of a Buy It Now. The creator of the GA is responsible for dividing the cost and shipping items out. It's a big responsibility but often saves you $$!
13) Have fun!

shindkrow is not responsible for any sales/trades that do not involve her. Members will work out their own agreements and solve their own problems, however do not feel like you can't PM me about a problem!

What do I do if I haven't recieved an item? First, post to see if anyone else has had any bad experience with the seller/trader. Make sure you file a claim in your Paypal account if it's been over 4 weeks. If the trouble persists, they will be added to our banned users list.
I have another question that isn't answered here!
PM me! :)